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How to create a Delta load in BODS based on Data selection in BW

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Hi Guys,

Can anyone help me with the below query -

I have Sql database as my source and BW as my target for BODS jobs.

All my connections are working and could push data in BW successfully.

Now, I need to create a delta based on the date selection from Data Selection tab in BW.

ERDAT is the date field that is loaded in to BW structure and marked as selection enabled.

How do I use this field to define my delta?

BW person will select the dates manually or automate through ABAP code.

I need to pick the dates and run the load as per the date range.

Really appreciate any help on this!!!!



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Please refer the below post

CDC / Delta : DB2 to SAP BW

Get the Latest Updated Datetimestamp in a Global Variable and use this Global variable in SAP BW

As per my understanding the data flow should be as below:

1. Source>Query_Transform>Template table(Staging)
2. Store the max (Update Timestamp) in one staging area.

3. Use a script and store the maximum datestamp in a variable called $Last_Modified_Timestamp
4. Source>Query_Transform > SAP BW Target(Infocube or DSO)

Use a where clause like LAST_UPDATED_DATE>= $Last_Modified_Timestamp

and this update time stamp value should be deleted and updated every time.
BW handles delta mechanism based on Change log table so it will take care of delta mechanism.

I dont have an environment to test this scenario but above data flow should work with some tweaks


Arun Sasi