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How to create a BRF+ rule to check date?

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Hi experts!

I am facing with a BRF+ issue which is about to validate a date.
The date cannot be more than 1 year from now.

For example:
The date is: 10.04.2026 and it must fail because is more than 02.05.2025.

I've tried to create an expression but did not succed.

Thanks for your help! 🙂 

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Hi Dave,

the easiest way is to use DT_ADD_YEARS in your formula (expression):


Here is expert modus, you just have to change ID of your variable:

0A5B9B1556021EEE83D048546ADBC07C > DT_ADD_YEARS ( SYS_INFO_CURRENT_DATE ( ) , 1 )

It could be, that you have to use DT_SUBSTRACT_DAY, it depends on definition what "1 year from now" is. Please also check, if the logic for leap year corresponds with definition.

You can of course use formula just for adding 1 year and then check in the rule if the result corresponds.

Best regards, Nana

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Thanks. It's working very good! 😄