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How to copy values form one measure to another

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I have a table that has dimensions set up in it and I have another table that has values that need to be copied into the original table. Although, due to the difference in dimensions, as well as when I input the data it returns an error stating that the data is being shared to too many values I can not make the copy happen. 

Here is what I mean: 

Table A:

Dimension1  Dimension 2  Dimension 3  Measure 1



Dimension1  Measure 2



And essentially i want Measure 2 to go into measure 1 and have it be a consistent value throughout(no breaking down). I tried to use data actions and calculated measures although neither worked for me. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Dear @ahfadoo,

it would be easier to help you, if you would have noted down your advanced formula, but I assume that you didn't specify members for Dimension 2 and Dimension 3. And if this is the case this means that the record will be written on all available members of those dimensions (bulk assignment)

Please have a look at the following blog:
Advanced Formulas – How they work 

Best regards