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How to copy query elements without Bex

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another question I have is: How can I copy query elements like column structures from one cube to another without make it twice in the Bex?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can copy queries between 2 cubes....not just structures, RKFs or CKFs. The target cube must have the same infoobjects, irrespective of whether they are or aren't being used in the query that you want to copy, or more than the those in the source cube.

If the 2 cubes are different, a work around is to create a multiprovider using cube A and B, copy the query from cube A to the multiprovider, remove cube A from the multiprovider and then copy the query to cube B. You need to judge whether this would be less development than just recreating the structure I used it for moving a 60 line variance structure...

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