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How to consume Blockchain services during migration from Neo to Cloud Foundry



I am trying to migrate one of our BC project into cloud foundry.I have exported destination from neo to cloud foundry.

In manifest.json defined destination as below

"dataSources": { "mainService": { "uri": "/bcTest", "type": "destination" } }

While making ajax call from SAP Business application studio , able to fetch access token , but data retrieval giving 401 error.

The below format in xs-app.json giving format validation failed error

{ "authenticationType": "none", "csrfProtection": false, "source": "^/bc_PreVessel/(.*)$", "destination": "bc_PreVessel", "target": "$1" }

No reference found for below points.

1. WebIDEUsage - For Blockchain services what value need to be given.

2. How to define dataSource in manifest.json.

3. How to define destination routes in xs-app.json

Please help.



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