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How to connect to R/3 via JCo using MYSAPSSO2?

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I'm developing a J2EE application who resides in an EP with Single Sign On. I have to retrieve some data from R/3, the way I want to connect is via JCo using MYSAPSSO.

I have read that is possible to connect passing MYSAPSSO2 as <i>user</i> and its value as <i>password</i>. The java code in the jsp is something like this:


javax.servlet.http.Cookie [] my_cookies = request.getCookies();

java.util.Hashtable cks = new Hashtable();

for(int i=0;i<my_cookies.length;i++){



String user = "$MYSAPSSO2$";

String pass = (String)cks.get("MYSAPSSO2");

JCO.Client conex;

JCO.Repository rep;

boolean ok=true;

conex = JCO.createClient("000",user,pass,"es","","00","","");



rep = new JCO.Repository("mirep",conex);

} catch (Exception e){


ok = false;


if (ok)



We are working with EP6 SP2, WAS 6.20.

The error is:$Exception: (103) RFC_ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE: Se ha recibido un ticket SSP que no se puede interpretar

(I translate you:)

RFC_ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE: unable to interpret a retrieved SSP ticket

Thank you all!!

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I have solve the problem. So, I was trying to connect via SSO within an user that was not registered in R/3 and I forgot it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hi Antonio,

what do you mean by "an user that was not registered in R/3"?

Does you J2EE Engine uses the R/3 UME or there are 2 users defined on both the systems with the same user name?



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No entendí qué hiciste para resolver el tema, podrías por favor explicarlo en Español? Mil gracias.

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Antoni, actualmente tengo el mismo inveniente, me podrias ayudar?

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Solvente la falla:

1) exporte el certificado en el portal con el VIsual Administrator. Opcion .der para descargar el certificado

2) importe el certificado y agregue el ACL con el mandante 000 y 100 (100 es el que trabajo en la empresa)