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How to connect to own JAM instance via API?

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We'd like to get or send data for JAM via API from client own application.

But in my understanding, Jam Developer or SCP only supports integration with Jam free trial instance, not for our own instance.

Can you please tell me how we can achieve it or is which documents to refer?

We're referring to below URL so we'd like to do similar activity written in below URL with client own instance.

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Hi Mika,

This also works with your own SAP Jam tenant.

You have to use another URL of course. So instead of just use the URL of your application, for example or

In addition there's one thing to be aware of:
To make it super simple to play around with our APIs in the developer edition we allow you to generate OAuth tokens right from the OAuth client configuration in the admin panel. That would be a security problem in production.

Instead you will need to generate a token everytime a user tries to hit the APIs. This way you also make sure that the API call is done with the right authorizations and under the current users name.

Did you already have a look at our developer documentation here:
I hope this is helpful for you. If not, please let us know!

Thanks, Christian