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How to connect SAP Data Hub to a BW system

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Hi all

I'm trying to configure a connection to a BW system in the SAP Data Hub Landscape Management section. Unfortunatelly I'm not suceeding on that and the documentation on how to configure that is almost non-existing, so I have to figure out most of the stuff. That's a pity for a new product...

So reproducing step-by-step:

First we have created a RFC destination in the BW system we want to connect to. The SAP documentation is totally unclear on the steps, so I'm detailing here what we did in BW

1- We have created a connection named SAP_DATA_HUB in the SM59 of the BW system.

2- The connection is a RFC connection type "HTTP Connection to External Serv" 3- The target host is the SAP Data Hub Application External IP Address and the Service no. is the port, we do not know which one to use so we used 8090, it returns an OK on the RFC connection test in SM59...

Then back to the SAP Data Hub we defined the connection as follows

ID: <the name>_DEFAULT (the _DEFAULT as per the documentation)

Connection type: SAP BW HTTP

Protocol: HTTP (the BW system does not have the SSL configured, it's a demo system)

Connection URL: we use a FQDN url that includs the port (in that case 50000 which is the same that appears in transaction SICF port information section)

RFC Connection: here is where we defined the SAP_DATA_HUB connection created in the previous step

User: the BW user it exists in the BW client and has full authorizations

Password: the password for the above BW user

After validating, we get an error which simply says Error 23625

Any idea on whether the above parameters are right? where can we get more detailed information on how to connect the SAP data hub with a BW system?

The only information you get on how to configure the above connection is:


All the above is too vague for implementing a connection whithout wasting hours and hours with troubleshooting, tests etc...

Appreciate any inputs on the above, or a link to a more detailed and concised documentation.

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I've been similarly frustrated with the latest SAP Data Hub *2.3 patch 3* BW and HANA connection documentation. It's severely lacking detail on how to determine the correct host, port, protocol, HANA DB connection info and source dependencies for connections. Considering how essential connections are in SAP Data Hub (effectively, the "life blood" of SDH) SAP needs to clearly document and enable easy connections from SDH to every other integrated SAP system. Establishing connections from SDH to other SAP systems does not need to be this complicated, rather, it should be simple and integrated.

From a BW perspective, something to verify on your source BW system in transaction SICF (define services) is that services BW-InA (several) and BW-whm (backend) are fully activated. Activating these services have helped resolve our connection issues.

Further, there are 2 notes I think are relevant (since BW 7.5 SP10, which is our situation):

Best of luck!


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Dear all, I am also facing same problems.

I have installed SAP Data Hub, developer edition 1.4 but have no Cockpit with landscape option, only:

(SAP Data Hub Pipeline Modeler)

(SAP Vora Tools)

(Apache Hadoop User Interface)


please provider some informations. Thanks

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Hello Sergi,

again sorry for the late reply. I'm usually not active on this site. I now activated my notifications, so this should no longer happen while I'm working. I see, not being able to open a customer ticket is frustrating. I hope you have some time in the trial left.

As for the initial issue:
When you connect to your XS Advanced instance via Command Line and execute the command "xsa apps", you receive something like the next picture as response. As you can see I already marked the line "". At the end of that line you can find the host name and port you need to put into the RFC Destination. Depending on your network setup this may obviously differ.

The corresponding information of the BW System can be found under "services" in the transaction smicm:

For both directions you should enable TLS. The non-https port of the Data Hub is actually not active by default.



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Thanks Thorsten for your response.

I cannot open a customer ticket since I'm testing the trial version in the Google Cloud. Unfortunately, I will expire all the trial period without being able to actually test the tool for what we wanted to prospect...

BTW The help link you posted me is still in draft, I cannot see it, can you share the public one? I have been looking into the help web page but I have not found it.

  • The service you need to provide in the RFC-Destination is "". You can see the corresponding port either in the "Application Monitor" of your XSA, or via the command line using the command "xsa apps".

It is not clear to me in which RFC-Destination field do i have to enter that. Do you mean where you create the connection? But the info says it is for the callback from the BW. So I understand that this is for the BW to be able to communicate with Data Hub? Here I entered before a RFC destination I have created in the BW (eg: SAP_DATA_HUB), but now tested the you mentioned.

In the BW, transaction SM59, we have create the connection SAP_DATA_HUB where we point to the SAP Data Hub public IP (not the Distributed Environment box), I tried port 50060 or 51065, which are the ones using the app, but now the RFC is not working, I get an error 'Connection to partner broken'.

Well I have testing many things apart from the above, is the only thing you can do when the documentation is practically non-existing, so any idea or insight I will try to test...

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Hello Sergi,

Please find the updated documentation under the following link:

Kind Regards,


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Hello Sergi,

I'm sorry, that you had difficulties in connecting the BW System. We will update the documentation as soon as possible.

Here is some information that should help you connecting the system:

  • The service you need to provide in the RFC-Destination is "". You can see the corresponding port either in the "Application Monitor" of your XSA, or via the command line using the command "xsa apps".
  • For BW Connections it is not required to have a special naming convention. The naming convention applies only to VORA and VFLOW Connections and only in case you want to execute profiling or flowgraph tasks.
  • The error usually contains an error text. Is it possible that you logged on in a language different than English? The error 23625 has the text "Connection to remote system failed (Code 404 - Not found)". This can have multiple reasons and I encourage you to contact SAP support.

Kind Regards,


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Hi Sergi - Is this related to any customer project or an internal project? Questions like these will be better handled, if you post customer issues using BCP messages which are monitored by our support organization. If this is an internal project, you can report them posting to a forum created exclusively. Thanks - Swapan