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How to confirm that SCMON was activated from Solman or Managed system?

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A SAP Note mentions the following: "We strongly recommend to switch on the usage logging only from Solution Manager to ensure consistent data collection and extraction. During activation, if the managed system supports both SCMON and UPL, the SCMON will be activated."

How to confirm that SCMON was activated from Solman?

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The UPL/SCMON activation is part of the SAP Solution Manger Set-up(transaction SOLMAN_SETUP) however it is possible to activate the UPL and SCMON data collection in the managed system using the report /SDF/UPL_CONTROL (UPL activation) or transaction SCMON (SCMON activation) in case the usage data is required in landscapes where a Solution Manager is not available.

More details could be found in SAP Help Portal in the ABAP Call Monitor and Usage Procedure Logging UPL document.

During the Activation from SAP Solution Manger all  settings  will  be  made  automatically  in  the  managed  system,  as  long  as  the preconditions are met and the following scenarios are possible:

  • If the prerequisites for UPL and for SCMON are not met in the managed system, then it is not possible to activate UPL or SCMON
  • If the prerequisites are met for SCMON in the managed system then SCMON will be activated (in this case UPL will not be activated although the prerequisites for UPL might be met as well)
  • If the prerequisites are met only for UPL in the managed system, then UPL will be activated  

The manual activation directly in the managed system is not recommended to avoid inconsistences. For example if a system SCMON is active and then the manual steps to activate UPL data is executed it will result in both running in parallel.

To check if the system is already collecting SCMON data use transaction SCMON. If it is inactive the Solman activation could be executed.

In case the SCMON is active and is uncertain if it was configured using the Solman check if the SCMON extractors are active for the system in Solman_setup.