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How to configure service

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I'd like to configure service developed by myself with properties. I mean properties like iViews have. To make things clear - in portalapp.xml for iView (component):

    <component name="TestClass">
        <property name="ClassName" value=""/>
        .. there are properties ...

Is something similar possible in service tag? And where I can configure these properties in portal after deployment?

Best regards,

Josef Motl

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Hi Josef,

U need to configure these attribute according to ur requirement in the services tag of the portalapp.xml

			<service alias="" name="MyService">
					<property name="className" value="com.customer.portal.MyService">
					<property name="startup" value="true">
					<property name="SecurityZone" value="com.customer.portal.MyService/DefaultSecurity">
					<property name="SystemAlias" value="Default_System_Alias">

Hope it helps.


Joshua Kiran

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Hi Joshua,

thank you for your responce. I'll try this at the moment. How to access this properties in code (same as iViews?) and what about the second question: "And where I can configure these properties in portal after deployment?"

Best regards,


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Hello Josef,

have you found a solution to these problems? I am looking for a solution fo this, too. Could you please write how you managed to make your service properties configurable in the portal.

Thanks, best regards, Oliver

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Hi ,

IserviceConfig should help(i guess !) :).

And for ur next question.. when u create a should show it in the iview property list.. there you should be able to add it .