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How to Configure SADL Query for a Custom BCO to enable basic find?

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Hello Everyone,

We are creating a custom OVS and binded it to Custom BCO in data model. Also we want to enable basic search in our Custom OVS , for that we created SADL query but it is not returning any records in the custom OVS.

I tried to change binding to different nodes in bco but still its opening blank OVS with no record. Also please let me know if SADL query will work for custom bco or not??


Deepak Singhal

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Hi Deepak,

Your SADL Query which is recently created may not recognize the old records, try to edit the existing values in the BCO object and save it or create a new record in the BCO and check whether the values are updated.

Best Regards,


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Hi Senthil,
I have tried your solution, but unfortunately without success.
The OVS is still empty. Could you perhaps explain in more detail how you configured the OVS component so that it worked?

Kind regards