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How to Configure FM Spell Amount in Smartforms ?

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Hi Gurus / Experts,

this is my first discussion post in 2014, I hope this will become the first answered post too.

I have a requirement to create a smartforms.

In my smartforms I need to use the FM Spell_Amount in Indonesian language, but when I try to call it the Short Dump appear in front of me, the short dump tells us that the 'ID' (Indonesian language format, I set it at tcode oba9) is false. How to fix this ? please correct answer will be rewarded by points.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Ri,

unfortunately it's a pretty generic question to give a specific answer to. Parameters, which you supplied to the Function Module when the dump occurred would be helpful, for example. So here are just some suggestions to limit the cause of the error:

Did you try unit testing the SPELL_AMOUNT in SE37? Does it still dump?

     - If yes, try to get a native speaker to maintain the entries for IN via OBA9 (in EN, it's about 160 entries in table T015Z). It can be very difficult to maintain if you don't know the language by heart.

     - If no, have a look at how the Function Module is called:

           - Language: SPELL_AMOUNT requires the language in internal format, i.e. 1 character long (not the 2 digits ISO code)

          - Amount: Do you use the correct thousands/decimals separators for the given currency/language/country combination?

Kind regards


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Hi Matthias,

when I try it in se37 it didn't short dump, and then I maintain it in tcode oba9 and just translate the English to Indonesian w/o changing something.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi All,

it solved..

how to solved it ??

we just need access the tcode SE11, and access the table T150Z

and then try to open table content.

when we try display the table content, type ID language in SPARS coloumn, after that you will see in the spars coloumn the answer.

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See SAP Note 939145 - SPELL_AMOUNT: What it can do and what it can't, and if indonesian language is supported.

I hope this helps you