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How to config the adobe form to report RFIDYYWT

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I have created a new custom Adobe form ,can any one of you help me in configuring that form to repot RFIDYYWT,if I config standard form (IDWTCERT_US_1099MISC) in SPRO and it is working fine but when i am config the custom form,i am not able view the print.Please help me.

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I found this thread while researching the same question.  By creating an implementation of BADI IDWTREP_ADOBEPRINT, you'll be able to add your custom forms to the filter values of your BADI implementation after which program RFIDYYWT will recognize them.  You'll need to add code to the PREPARE_ADOBE_PRINT method of your implementation in order to print your custom forms.

In my scenario, I needed to copy the SAP delivered 1099-Misc Adobe forms in order to create a custom version of them.  The steps I performed were:

  1. Copy SAP Adobe forms IDWTCERT_US_1099MISC and IDWTCERT_US_1099MISC1 to create custom versions of them (ZIDWTCERT_US_1099MISC and ZIDWTCERT_US_1099MISC1). 
  3. Added my custom forms ZIDWTCERT_US_1099MISC and ZIDWTCERT_US_1099MISC1 to the filter values of my implementation.
  4. The code I added to the PREPARE_ADOBE_PRINT method was copied directly from the SAP class CL_IM_IMPUS_IDWTREP_ADOBE method IF_EX_IDWTREP_ADOBEPRINT~PREPARE_ADOBE_PRINT.  The only change I had to make to the copied code was to replace the references to the SAP forms with the values for my custom forms.

Now with our custom forms in place, we're able to produce Copy B, as well as Copy 1 and Copy 2 when printing our 1099 MISC forms.   

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Hello Chris,

Trying my luck out here hoping you will reply!
As per your Step-3, I don't see my adobe forms in the Filter values(F4). Not sure if i'm missing anything. But any assistance is appreciated.



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Hi Rahul. Wow, that's been a number of years since I did that. Please double check and make sure that your forms have been activated as only active forms will show up in the F4 drop down list. There are so many forms that it's possible your 'Z' forms don't show in the first 5,000 entries. Try expanding the restrictions dropdown and search only only your 'Z' forms.

I think when I entered the filter values, I entered the 'Z' form names directly rather than searching for them.

Hope this helps somewhat. Good luck!

Best Regards,


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SAP has hard coded the Adobe forms that can be used here. See classmethod IF_EX_IDWTREP_ADOBEPRINTPREPARE_ADOBE_PRINT where details are summarized.

It is not possible to use your custom adobe forms without an enhacement.