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How to Concatenate number and string to assign to a string variable

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I am new to studio and would like to find out how following can be done.

I am reading opportunity's Expected Value and Currency code which i want to store in a text field and use it for Display in my PDF report.

var expval = oppt_tab.SalesForecast.ExpectedRevenueAmount.content;                              <== 1900.00

var expvalcurr = oppt_tab.SalesForecast.ExpectedRevenueAmount.currencyCode;                <== USD


want to get output like below :


                OpptLine.Opptexpectedval =  1900.00 USD

What should be syntax to do it.



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Hi Apporva,

var result = expval.RoundToString(2).Concatenate(" ").Concatenate(expvalcurr);

FYI: You can find detail in SAP Cloud Applications Studio documentation.

For parsing to String from Numeric : Numeric (Reuse Library)

For Concatenating string : Built-In Functions for Strings

Best Regards,