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How to communicate from one XMLForm to another XMLForm

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HI ,

I have created xml form( "A" and "B" ) from xmlform builder. I have to create a link dynamically at runtime from xmlForm(A) to xmlForm(B). My requirement is something like this

Afer opening xmlForm "A" thru News Authoring iView, I have an entry field in the xmlform "A" where I will specify the URL link, which should point to the XMLForm "B".

so that in News Browser iView, when I open xmlform "A" , I should have a URL link , After clicking that link , I should able to open the xmlform "B".

How to achieve this functionality





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while rendering the ShowForm (of your project A) you are able to build any link (URL). But you have to modify your ShowForm.xsl a little bit.

In your case I think you want to open the EditForm of some XMLFormsProject (e.g. project B). If you are looking into the URL of some opened EditForm, you can see how it works:



?XMLFormID=<project B>



This URL opens the EditForm of <project B> and save the item in folder "/documents/News". So now, you can modify your XSL which renders such a link. If you are familiar with XSLT, it should be no problem.

Kind Regards