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How to combine web dynpro applications from 2 different systems.

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Hi all,

I need a hint how I could combine 2 different web dynpro applications from 2 different systems into 1 web application.

What we have now:

1st application is in SAP BW system and controls/monitors data loads and specific data statuses in BW

2nd application is in SAP Finance and controls customer data process.

Because there is a logical dependency between these 2 applications (data from 2nd application influences BW data status), business would like to merge these 2 web pages into 1 web page.

We don’t use SAP Portal solution. Both systems are on version 7.0.

My question is, is it possible to merge 2 web dynpro applications from 2 different systems into 1 web page without Portal?

What would you recommend me in this case? I need some hint or idea how to start with this task.

Thanks a lot.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I think this should be relatively easy.

Create a new WebDynpro with 2 iFrame objects on the View. In each iFrame Object, set the Source to the URL of each of the Applications for the 2 WebDynpros you want to combine into one page.

This should be enough to get you started.

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