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How to clone a UDB 9 and change the SID at the same time?

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I get the document for cloning a UDB on another box.

However the new DB is of the same SID as the source.

How to re-SID during the redirected restore?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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you just have to use the option "REDIRECT GENERATE SCRIPT" at the end of your RESTORE-Command:

RESTORE DATABASE <db> FROM <source> REDIRECT GENERATE SCRIPT <location/scriptname.clp>

The command will generate a script, that must be customized regarding the DBSID. After that, the script must be executed.

[Have a look here for the complete syntax|].

(before restoring, create the respective SAPDATA-directories in your target file system - also don't forget to adapt the SAPDATAs to the new SID within the redirect-script)

Another possibility for getting this done is to use SAPs heterogenous System Copy which is load based and can be done via SAPinst easily without generating scripts. In both cases I would recommend to read the respective System Copy Guides.

I hope this answers your question.

Best regards,


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