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How to clear historical data from table cells in UI5?

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Hi Experts,

I want to clear the history from the cells a table. I tried many ways and searched for a possible solution, but in vain.

As soon as I click on the cell (highlighted in yellow), I get the suggestions. And these suggestions seems to be row specific also. i.e., if I click on the same cell in row-2 I get different set of values. I want to clear this or in other words I don't these historical values for this cell in any row. How to do this?

Please help.



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Hi, sreeharpatnaik

If this issue is about auto-complete behavior of the browser, my past question may be relevant to you.

We were on SAPUI5 verion 1.60.18, and auto-complete for sap.m.Input was activated by default then. We ended up setting "showSuggestion" attribute to true to disable auto-complete.

For SmartField, we couldn't find the solution.