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How to check whether sap kernel is ext or ex2?


Hi Experts,

I have a question. I don't know how to check whether the SAP Kernel I am currently using is EX2 or EXT.

We need your help.


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To determine whether the SAP Kernel you are using is EX2 or EXT, you can follow these steps:

Steps to Check SAP Kernel Version:

1. SAP GUI Method:
- Open your SAP GUI and log in to your SAP system.
- Navigate to the System Status screen:
- From the SAP Easy Access screen, go to System in the menu bar.
- Select Status.
- In the System Status screen, look for the Kernel Information section.
- Here you will see the kernel version details. The kernel version will have a string similar to `742`, `753`, etc., followed by a designation like EX2 or EXT.

2. SAP Transaction Method:
- Use transaction code SM51 to display active application servers.
- Select one of the servers and click on the `Release Notes` button.
- In the Release Notes window, you will see the kernel version information.

3. SAP Directory Method:
- You can also check the kernel version by accessing the disp+wor executable:
- Connect to the server where your SAP system is running.
- Navigate to the directory where the SAP kernel executables are located. This is usually /usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/exe/run
- Run the command disp+work -version. This will display the kernel version information.

Example of Kernel Version Output:

When you check the kernel version using any of the above methods, the output will show something like this:


Kernel Release: 753
Patch Level: 500
Make Variant: 753_REL
Compilation: Linux GNU SLES-11 x86_64 cc4.3.4 use-pr070203 BUILD TIME: 2018-01-23 10:23:44
In this example, `EXT` indicates the type of kernel.

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Thank you for helping me.