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How to check the version of TP & R3TRANS ?

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How to check the version of TP & R3TRANS ?

comment and advice will be highly appreciated.




Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Kent,

Telnet to your system and type R3trans -v to check R3trans version

for TP: type tp -v..

Ex: tp -v:

This is tp version 372.04.29 (release 701, unicode enabled)

Ex: R3trans -v :

This is R3trans version 6.14 (release 701 - 14.05.08 - 17:05:00)



R3trans information


kernel release 701

kernel make variant 701_REL

DBMS client library MAXDB_760_b02

DBSL shared library version 700.08

compiled on Linux GNU SLES-9 x86_64 cc4.1.2

compiled for 64 BIT

compilation mode UNICODE

compile time May 19 2008 21:08:27

update level 0

patch number 0

source id 0.000


supported environment


database (SAP, table SVERS) 700


DBMS server

MaxDB 7.6

MaxDB 7.7

operating system

Linux 2.6

Hope its clear now.



PS: pls close the thread so tat it will be easy for others to track later.

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hi Mahesh,

thanks for the command.

a.) i got below info from my system, why your patch number for TP is 0 ?

This is tp version 372.03.35 (release 700, unicode enabled)

patch number 113

This is R3trans version 6.14 (release 700 - 19.06.07 - 16:20:42).

patch number 116

b.) Is the version number meaningful ? or the patch number is more important ? because when downloading the new version from marketplace, the naming of the patch uses level number.



c.) by the way, wat does 20001357 mean ?




Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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1. Login to OS level as 'sidadm' (application host)

2. R3trans -version (to check the current R3trans version)

3. tp -version (to check the current tp version)

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Dear experts

Please answer his question about tp & R3trans

I am facing this issue

Thanks a lot

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what if the SPAM>utilities>check transport tool is disabled..and i cannot telnet my server..what will i do??

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Login into ur 000 client go to SPAM then select utilities-->check transport tool

This will show you the tp version and the r3trans version just expand the link here you can find all the neccessary info.



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hi vamshi,

in my system, i got below info from using your method.

DEV Development System

tp Interface

Host Name SSCSAP

Version 1.80

Transport Directory /usr/sap/trans

Logging On (TPLOG contains 99402 entries)

Transport Profile

Path /usr/sap/trans/bin/TP_DOMAIN_DEV.PFL

Profile TP_DOMAIN_DEV.PFL is readable

Version Version 0012 (domain DOMAIN_DEV)

RFC Destination

Destination CALLTP_OS400

tp Path /usr/sap/DEV/SYS/exe/run/tp

tp Executable Size: 13,581,921 bytes

RFC Ping Link setup: 18839 msec

tp Call

RFC Link tp was started successfully

tp Version 372.03.35 (n .ow.unkn)

DB Connect Link to database successful

Offline Call tp started in background

a.) it only shows the version of TP, i don't see any entry for R3trans.

b.) it seems that the "transport tool" only retrieve the version info but not the level info. to see the patch level i will have to execute the command in OS level.