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How to check for Fully Qualified Host Name in tcode SMICM

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Hi Experts,

I am implementing Single Sign On. Please let me know the procedure to verify the fully qualified host name through Transaction Code SMICM

Please let me know how to change the Fully Qualified host name which is set to a different name.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Go to transaction SMICM --> Go to (Menu) --> parameters --> Display.

Move acorss the list of parametes displayed and you will find the Fully Qualified hostname -


Best regards,


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Hi Raj,

When i go to transaction SMICM -

> Go to (Menu) -

> parameters ---> Display

It is showing the correct Fully Qualified hostname -


When i Go to (Menu) ---> Host Name Buffer --- > display,

The Type has three parameters

Alias Fully Qualified and Host Name Not Fully Qualified. What are they.

If the Host Name Not Fully Qualified is not having the fully qualified host name, what we need to do.



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Hi Raj,

I dont have access to XI server right now..But i belive you can change the

Fully Qualified hostname from RZ10. Over there select Instance Profile using F4.

On the next screen if you dont see the parameter can create the same..

Create using the following details..

The parameter will be <b>icm/host_name_full</b>

and the value will be your FQDN.

After you add the same...Go to SMICM and restart the ICM.



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