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How to change the standard layout sets in ALV List

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Hi Gurus,

How to change the standard layout sets in ALV list.

Is there any standard program ? or specific way to acheive this?

Kindly drop some clues?Every valuable clues rewarded more points........

Thanks in Advance,


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Answers (2)

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The steps will be useful to you to change the standard layout

1. The important things are :

a) New PF-STATUS is required , say 'ABCD'.

b) Handle user_commmand

2. First of all, from Function group SALV,

copy the STANDARD gui status to your program,

from SE80, by right clicking.

3. come to your program.



4. Double click ABCD and activate the gui status.

4. In gui status,

add/change your own buttons

Save and activate.


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Hi ,

Have a Variant parameter in your selection screen . And when you display the ALV list you will have one icon for variant save

just click on that and select the fileds you need and save it then it will ask you for variant name you shouls name it starting with /

like /Ztest /Test etc...

and save it .

an d when you execute it next time in the variant parameter give the variant name that you have saved earlier . It will display the list with earlier selected fields.

Reward points if useful