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How to change the position of line object to top or bottom ?

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Dear Friends ,

I am trying to change the Position of Field object , text object and line object  dynamically .

There is no issue with Text and Field Object , But I can't able to move the position of line object to Top and Bottom .

But Left and right property of line object is working fine .

I notify that  Top and Bottom of the line object Property value is always be same .  so I have tested with Hard code  values , still I can't able to move the line object to top or bottom .

If ReportObject.Kind = 3 Then

      obj       = DirectCast(ReportObject, LineObject)

obj.left       =  45

obj.right     =  11865       =  7941

obj.bottom =  7941

end if

What I am doing wrong here , I also checked below link , Please suggest .  I am using VS 2010 , SP 6 , OS - Windows 7 .

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If things don't appear to work then use RAS and Clone the object first, then make the changes and there should be a .Modify() function.


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