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How to change the masthead logo image ?

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I’m trying to change the masthead logo image.

I downloaded the and opened it on IDE.

I understood that I need to update the HeaderiView.jsp on this location: <br><br>

<TD class="prtlHeaderNotch" id="header_notch" nowrap><img src="<%=themeRootURLPath%>/../common/1x1.gif"


<TD nowrap ti="0" tabIndex="0" class="prtlHdrWelcome"

id="welcome_message"><%=StringUtils.escapeToHTML(GetWelcomeMsg(componentRequest, welcomeClauseStr))%></TD>

<TD class="prtlHdrBrandImgContainer" ti="-1">



1. What should I need to do in order to change the logo?

I was looking for < img src tad but didn’t find and I understood that the original logo is

retrieved by prtlHdrBrandImgContainer. In this case, should

I remove this line? What should I add instead?


2. Where I need to locate the new image I want to use?


Thanks in advance



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Answers (4)

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Hi Yoel,

if u want to change only the logo it doesnt require the change of code.u can change it through theme editor.

customization of par file is required if and only if u want to change the structure of masthead that is changing the places of logo,branding image etc..

To change the logo through follow thest steps

1.Navigate through System Administration --> Portal Display --> Open your theme

2. Save it in your own name to avoid the changes in the default theme.

3.Open the Logo section.

4.In this provide the full address of ihe image location at the URL to logo field.

5.Save your changes and assign this theme to your portal desktop.

Refer this to know about assigning theme to portal desktop

OR if u want to customize the par file refer this


Tamil K

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<a href="">This article</a> will be of use. It is quite detailed and will help you customize the master header.

Please reward points if helpfull.

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sap uses css files for mapping the picture info

that is why you are not seeing any img src tag over there....

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hi Malekan,

img src button will not be there in the headeriView.jsp.

instead when you put an image, you need to specify the image source.

first you place the image under dist/images of your working folder.

then use the img src tag

and to retrieve the location use the componentRequest.getWebResourcePath()


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Hi Malekan,

Just to change u don't really need to do any thing with coding.

Just edit the therme the u can find the masthead the the logo image option.

Try it.