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How to Change the language of WD Iview which is embedded in Page?

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Hello Experts,

In  Portal we  have  one  Role.Inside  that  role  we  have  two  pages.And  Each  pages we  have 4 iview.

By using Portal  Content  Translation I  am  able  to change  my  role  name  to  target  language.But I  am  not  able  to change Page  name  as well as  iView  name .

In  Worklist  Translation I  added corresponding text for  Target language  still I  am  not  able  to  get .

Please  help  me  on  the  same.



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Hi Rathuraj,

The source language in S2X editor doesn’t have "Indonesian" in drop down.( in(NWDS) that place we can’t fine out dropdown. Only we can change text manually. Better to get the text name from the client end.)

  1. Please look at this document[I18N in WDJAVA|]
  2. Finally u can change the into the portal [I18N in Portal]

*This is main Imp.*

Now go to particular users (usera, userb, userc). Just Change the Language(Go to User Administration----Identity Management----Search user click on Modify----Go to General Information Tab----Here Change the Language = Dutch). Depending up on what u need that Language(Dutch, French, German)

Translation Work List Language = Portal User Language Both Are Same. That time you are able to see that Portal Language


Vijay K