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How to change the Group name?

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I made some groups and assigned users to it.

Now the need requires me to change the names of the group.

Could you please explain me how to do this and also will this chage be also effective in the desktop master rule.

I'm using EP6.0, SP11




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You have one option for this,

export u r user details into a file.

then in that file you just change your group id (dont change other things) and save it. later on u import the same file into portal.

hope this works...



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I have the same problem.

We are using the group name for departments.

How you know department names are dynamically.

So I need to chnage them sometimes.

So I want to change the displayname of that grous, not the id.

How can I do that? And when I cant, can someone explain me the function of the displayname.

Otherwise can I use the UME-API to change it?

Many thanks


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Change the name not ID.

So that it will reflect everywhere.

Try copyinging the previous group to a different name.



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I think thats not working.

We use the groups in KM objects, for example in Folder and document permissions.

When we create a ne role with the help of an existing group it has no effects to the km objects.

It is logical that i cannot chnage the group id, but it is not logical that i cannot change the displaynam of a group.

Really thanks for helping me