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How to change the background color of UWL and News

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Hello SDNs,

I am trying to change the background color of UWL table, the News iView form background color and the favorites iView background color.

For UWL, i tried to change the table UI element in the theme editor but the cell content background color is not changing.

If possible please specify the parameter names if Table UI is the right element to change the color for background.

For favorites it is a list type UI i feel, but i didn't find option for customizing the color for that.

Please suggest. Your inputs will be appreciated

Thanks in Advance,



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Lakshmi,

UWL table: Check wheather you have cleared the cache before saving. To change the UWL table color you need to change the Tables and Tabstrip Complex Elements in the your customized theme.

News iView: You can change the News iView background color by editing the News iView using XML Form builder.

Favorites iView background color: Change the Background Color of 1st Level property of the Tree Complex Elements in your themes.



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Hi all,

where do I change the background for the Portal Favorites?



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