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How to change owner of Background Job

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We have some bcakground jobs created by a specific users since that user has left the organization we need to lock his ID and change the owners of the jobs.

Can someone please advise me with the steps to change this.

I know that there has to be changes done in TBTCO and TBTCP tables.


Parvez Khan

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Answers (2)

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Hi, you can try this:

sm37 >job name (which job that you refer) >in job status

check the >execute >Find the job with status


Click the job then choose menu Job->Change

Click button Steps.

Click on the user then click button Change.

Change the user then click button Save.

Repeat step 6 for each ABAP or External program present if necessary.

Click button Back.

Click button Save.

Hope this helps,


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Hi George,

Thanks for the update I have successfully changed the owner of the background job. However the job status was released.

Now it shows the user as new user in Step list overview

Now when I go to SM37 select the job and user as new user it does not show for the scheduled time it shows only by the created user.

Can I lock the old user now, if i do so how can I check the job with new user.


Parvez Khan.

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Hello Pervaz,

Yes, you can gohead and lock the old user.

The job will show with the created user but it runs with the user which you have seen in the "step list overview".



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Hello Parvez,

Login into the system and then copy the jobs under your user id through SM37.

Set the period etc as the copied jobs will be in scheduled status.Then delete the obsolete jobs.

However if your query is for changing the step user then change the job in SM37.