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How to change default page size when exporting to powerpoint?

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I have created a fixed size report with size Din A4.

Exporting to PDF works as intended but when I export to Powerpoint the exported slides have Powerpoint standard 16:9 format => blank space on left and right side.
Unfortunately, those slides have to be used in a presentation with size Din A4. That is why the straightforward solution to change SAC format to 16:9 does not help in this case.

I already created a new default design in powerpoint with size Din A4. However, when SAC exports to ppt the end result is the same 16:9.

Export to PDF and import to PPT is possible, but end users will not be satisfied.

Any suggestions?

Best regards

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Answers (1)

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Hi Edgar,

You are very close to your query, you just need to select "All pages, lanes, and tiles" and then it will work.

You can shuffle around the Orientation according to the desired result.

Best Regards,

Sandip Kumar.

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Hi Sandip,

activation of option 'all pages, lanes, and tiles' does not solve the problem.
Export to powerpoint will result in unwanted margins on left and right side.