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How to change data source of Universe

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I have two databases called A_Database and B_Database

Same tables and data are in both the databases.

I created universe U_universe using A_Database. It is working fine

Now I would like to change from A_Database to B_Database in U_universe without affecting any thing in U_universe because tables and data are same.

Please let me know following doubts.

1.How to do above things?

2.if A_Database and B_Database are in different server, how to overwrite data source in the universe

3.if A_Database and B_Database are in the same server, how to overwrite data source in the universe

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You have to create first ODBC connetion for the Second Database.

Select Tools > Connections.Create new Connection there.

You can use the connection wizard to set advanced and custom parameters

for a connection.

Now in File > Paramerter. Change the connetion whcih you have ceated.

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Can you please explain in detail for File> paramater? I am stuck here.

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In Designer, import your universe, click on File>Paramers or click on parameters icon on the tool bar and change connection used by the universe from one pointing to Universe A to one pointed to universe B.

Also, visit this site :

Look for Universe Designer guide.

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