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How to change column span width in form layout.

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Hi All,

I have built a form like below, here highlighted field has long text so some text is missing with "..." string so i want to increase the column span width it has column span has 3 so i want to change this width can any one help me on this.

I have code as GridLayout below...

var oLayout166 = new sap.ui.commons.form.GridLayout("L166");


                              var oForm166 = new sap.ui.commons.form.Form("F166",{

        layout: oLayout166,

                    width: "50%",

        formContainers: [

                new sap.ui.commons.form.FormContainer("F1C166",{

                           title: "PURCHASING INFORMATION",

                     formElements: [


                             new sap.ui.commons.form.FormElement({

                                     label: "Purchasing Org",

                                     fields: [new sap.ui.commons.ComboBox("purchasingorg", {items : [


                                                                                new sap.ui.core.ListItem("PurchasingOrg1", {text:""})],





                                     layoutData: new sap.ui.commons.layout.ResponsiveFlowLayoutData({linebreak: true, margin: true}),


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Answers (1)

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See the source code of examples given for grid layout and accordingly try your code.

2ns option - use matrix layout.


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requested ressource not found