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How to change bar color for a company among others in a graph? Alerter?

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Maybe one of you could help us.

Here is what we try to do.

We use BO XI R3.1 Webintelligence on top of BI 7.

We want to display a measure for a set of companies.

We want to display a histogram and we put a sort on the dimension "company". from the higher value to the lower one.

Finally we want to clearly see where my company is situated among the others in a graph.

In other words, the needs is to put the bar of my company in red and the other let them in blue.

Is it possible? I don't think any workaround on that.

I can't image there is not. I already used alter for such a thing and it works in a table but in a graph....

Is there a workaround?

Please let me know and thanks for your advices.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Laurent,,

If you want to achieve that in a graph you need to proceed differently (the alerter is not active when you are working with a graph).

Based on the company name ,you can create a check_variable:

= If(<Company_Name>=u201DCompany Nameu201D;"R";"G" )

create 2 new variables:

1) Company_yourcolor

=<Company_Name> Where (<CheckVariable>="R")

2) Company_othercolor

=<Company_Name> Where (<CheckVariable>="G")

Now create a graph and put both new created variable in there. You can See Specific color for your company and all other companies will be in other color.

Hope this helps.



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Your are my king, Pratik.

I like you!!

Thanks for this great help!!


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