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How to capture the Subtype value in Overview view of Address iview

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Hello Experts,

Below is wdDomodify function of Overview of Address iview.

TO create bizcards create overview function of FcPersInfo is called.

Here I want to send fieldinfo1 as the parameter to that fnction if the subtype is permanent office. can any one please give me a hint how to proceed on this.


public static void wdDoModifyView(IPrivateBizCardsView wdThis, IPrivateBizCardsView.IContextNode wdContext, view, boolean firstTime)


//@@begin wdDoModifyView

BizcardFieldInfo[] fieldInfo;

BizcardFieldInfo[] fieldInfo1;

Date defaultBegda = wdContext.currentContextElement().getDefault_Begda();

String bizcardField1 = wdThis.wdGetAPI().getComponent().getTextAccessor().getText("BizcardField1");

String bizcardField2 = wdThis.wdGetAPI().getComponent().getTextAccessor().getText("BizcardField2");

String bizcardField3 = wdThis.wdGetAPI().getComponent().getTextAccessor().getText("BizcardField3");

String BizcardField3 = wdThis.wdGetAPI().getComponent().getTextAccessor().getText("BizcardField3"); // House #

String BizcardField4 = wdThis.wdGetAPI().getComponent().getTextAccessor().getText("BizcardField4"); // City

String BizcardField5 = wdThis.wdGetAPI().getComponent().getTextAccessor().getText("BizcardField5"); // State

String BizcardField6 = wdThis.wdGetAPI().getComponent().getTextAccessor().getText("BizcardField6"); // Zip Code

String BizcardField7 = wdThis.wdGetAPI().getComponent().getTextAccessor().getText

fieldInfo = new BizcardFieldInfo[] { new BizcardFieldInfo(bizcardField1, "Stras"),

new BizcardFieldInfo(bizcardField2, "Ort01"),

new BizcardFieldInfo(bizcardField3, "Telnr"),


fieldInfo1 = new BizcardFieldInfo[] {

new BizcardFieldInfo(BizcardField3, "Stras"), // House #

new BizcardFieldInfo(BizcardField4, "Ort01"), // City

new BizcardFieldInfo(BizcardField5, "State"), // State

new BizcardFieldInfo(BizcardField6, "Pstlz"), // Zip Code

new BizcardFieldInfo(BizcardField7, "Land1") };




fieldInfo, "Anssa");



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Hello Bolier !!

Were you able to do the same ? " capture the Subtype value in Overview view of Address iview"

Since I am in similar soup , I would like your help on that matter .If this can be done we can identify and control the delete button for the subtype (2 & 1)

Please suggest !!