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How to call RAP static action from elements FPM extension with EditFlow.invokeAction()?

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Hi everyone, 

we have a problem with Fiori elements resp. Flexible Programming Model and invoking a custom static action from RAP service

We struggle with the invokeAction function of EditFlow. We have an EntitySet Whitelist and an static action deleteAll defined in RAP. So this action refers to the complete collection of Whitelist EntitySet. But now we are not able to invoke the action for the whole EntitySet. API ( ) says that we need to handover parameter model for unbound actions or parameter contexts for bound actions. I would suggest an static action is an unbound action, as not bound to any specific entity. But in our metadata it says:



The controller says cannot find action deleteAll if we try as unbound action with model, logic when the metadata says it is bound. But if we provide an context the action is called for that entity(s) from the context(s), which is not working as it is defined as static action to delete all entities. If we try with an empty array for contexts the console says that we need to define an context for bound actions or a model for unbound actions.

How do we have to invoke the action? If we use the action like standard elements action behind an button it's working just fine, just our custom call is not working as exspected - so I assume it's a frontend problem and not backend.

Any help/suggestion is appreciated! Thanks,



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We solved it with the following coding:

// Get controlId from table annotations
const oViewContent =  this.getEditFlow().getView().getAggregation("content");
const oTableDefinition = oViewContent[0].getAggregation("content").getTableDefinition()
const sControlId =;  // "fe::table::ZBC_C_ACI_WHITELIST::LineItem"

this.editFlow.invokeAction("", {    
    //contexts: aSelectedContexts[0], - not needed for static action
    //model: oDataModel, - not needed for static action
    controlId: sControlId, // needed for static action
    bStaticAction: true // needed for static action
}).then(function () {"tableContentDeleted"));
    this.refresh();         // Refresh table

Found it with debugging a standard elements action call for the same static action. This is not in the documentation (API Reference - Demo Kit - SAPUI5 SDK ( and might change in future! Currently we are using UI5 version 1.120.x