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How to call Instance Methods and set property values in BAPI?

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Please read the scenario in view of SOAP - > XI -> RFC integration through exchange infrastructure ...

In Project systems, for the three business objects viz.

Network, ProjectDefinition and WBS, there are two kinds of methods which are available : class methods and instance methods. We have tried calling some instance methods, for instance, BAPI_PROJECTDEF_GETDETAIL to get details pertaining to a project. While importing this BAPI, it shows two elements for mapping i.e. Current Internal Project(string) and Current External Project(string). We supplied these values for an existing project. Upon running this call through an XML client at our end, it

returned an error "Module Unknown Exception". This general message is present on every instance method thus far. Upon searching in BAPI Explorer for

Project System->ProjectDefinition->GetDetail,

we found that this BAPI didn't take any input parameter. Following message was displayed in BAPI Exlorer for this BAPI:

"... Obligatory import parameters are the external and internal keys CURRENTEXTERNALPROJE and CURRENTINTERNALPROJE of the project definition.The system reads parameters contained in the structure


i) How to supply the values of Obligatory import parameters.

ii) What are the possible causes of this exception.

iii) How to call an instance method. We are using same mechanism for calling class as well as instance methods so far, we have been to call only class level methods successfully. Is there anything special that we

need to do to call instance methods.

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I am not sure I understand this right. If you are going to make a call to an RFC from XI, why are you worried about the methods, class etc. There is a function module and you are just going make a call to that RFC.

If you see the definition of the parameter interface of RFC, you should be able to find which parameters are madatory and which are optional.

Coming to the scenario SOAP - XI - RFC, that means SOAP has the parameters that the RFC is looking for. You need to do the mapping in XI so that parameters coming out of SOAP will be the input parameters of XI. This is done in the integration repository of XI. You need to create the SOAP data type coming into XI in the Int. Rep and import the RFC and do the mapping.

Hope this helps.



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