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How to call a controller in a javascript

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I 've lot of doubts listing all of them down.

My requirement is

I need to create a master screen for Po and populate some data in dropdownlistbox with database table values and need to validate form and then save in database using MVC.

I was able to create a BSP and populate it using a model and do validations using javascript .

Now i need to save it in the databas.

I will be calling the same controller as i used initially

to call the BSP

1.How do i call a controller from my BSP in a javascript?

I tried by <bsp call url> but it doesnt seem to work.

2.When does the do_handle_event get triggered

Is it when i write some events and submit the form.

3.What is this Model Data Binding concept?

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Hi Swathi,

As per your requirement, you need to submit the page or need to call the other controller.

After your javascript validation call this statement


here save:ord1 is custom name which will appear in do_handle_event.

By calling this statement the current page will submit and the event can be handled in do_handled_event.



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Hi Welcome to SDN.

1. check out this link for call options

2. check out this link on process flow

3. check out the following weblog on Model Data Binding