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How to calculate the total amount of RAM allocated to SAP and Oracle.

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Hi All,

I have a performance issue in my system. I want to change the parameter value both in SAP and DB.

I am totally confused to calculate the exact RAM allocated to SAP and DB.

Please explain how to calculate the total amount of RAM allocated to SAP and Oracle.

I have around 45GB of physical RAM is configured in the system

From oracle end

sga_max_size    11 GB

sga_target    0

pga_aggregate_target    6G

shared_pool_size    2G

db_cache_size    8G


From SAP end

abap/heap_area_dia    2000000000

abap/heap_area_nondia    3000000000

abap/heap_area_total    5000000000


ztta/roll_extension    3100000000

abap/heaplimit    40894464

em/initial_size_MB    4096

Oracle end


Total Amount of RAM ( SGA + PGA)

SAP end


Total amount of RAM (abap/heap_area_total + EM/TOTAL_SIZE_MB + SAP Buffer Memeory)

Please confirm whether the above calcualtion is correct.

ST02 - detailed analysis - sap memory



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Answers (1)

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Hello Sub,

About the SAP memory, the "heap" parameters are related to memory that is allocated on demand, and freed when not needed anymore.

Thus, I would remove it from your formula.

Depending on the operating system involved, it could be either "EM/TOTAL_SIZE_MB + SAP Buffers" or "em/initial_size_MB + SAP Buffers".

You should consider not allocating all the memory you have available.

You should keep some memory free for the OS itself, and even more free memory for the dynamic allocations ("heap" parameters).