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How to calculate ' Month - 1' in web intelligence 3.1?

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Hello All,

While designing webi report I want to display previous month in the table.


Aug -- Jul -- June -- May -- June wise.

I know the inbuilt function to calculate previous date... that is ...


but how to calculate previous month ?

Thank you.



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So If consider Island Resort Marketing, you have the following Objects:

Country, Sales Revenue and Invoice date in format(dd/MM/yyyy)

Current requirement is:

to display say a crosstab:


Aug-10 July-10 Jun-10 May-10 April-10 March-10 Feb -10 Jan-10


US 103 343 34 34 5676 5656 565 565

France 45 454 454 454 ......


Please correct me if that is wrong.

If this the case then...

1. Create an Object Month of year- [invoice date] where year="2010" or any other will be fine.

2. use [YearMonthname] =FormatDate([Month of year]);"dd/MMM/yyyy" to get the month name.

3. Use Substr([YearMonthname];4;3) to get only Month Name, call it [Month Name]

4. Drag the object to the report and apply Custom Sort to it to appear in the order in which you want it to display.

5. if Year required along with Month then concatenate with Year too.

If this is not the case then let me know.



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Hello Velly,

Thank you very much.

This works.