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How to build UI elements at runtime?

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I would like to build UI Elements dynamiclly at runtime using code and not at design time. Can someone please show me for example how Do I build a checkboc or an inputfield element at runtime?

I am trying to use the view.createElement at the wdModifyView method but I don't see that this element has been created....

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Hello Roy,

Check appropriate tutorial: "How to use dynamic programming in Web Dynpro applications?" dynpro tutorial and sample applications.faq#q-17

Best regards, Maksim Rashchynski.

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10X guys I was able to solve it on my own but in case points for your kind help!

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Hi Roy,

You will have to write the code in doModify

IWDAttributeInfo attinfo =

wdContext.getNodeInfo().getAttribute("<attribute name>");

IWDInputField ip = (IWDInputField)view.createElement(IWDInputField.class,null);


Like wise if it is a checkbox

IWDCheckBox cb = (IWDCheckBox)view.createElement(IWDCheckBox.class,null);

cb.bindChecked(<attribute info>)



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