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​how to build a app to make a simple addition in Open ui5.

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I received a task apparently very simple Monday of this week. it was to realize an application which executes the 4 fundamental functions of a calculator (+ , * , - , / ). But I have to do it with Openui5. I was very happy and I started to research Openui5. In 4 days I could understand about how the UI5 technology works. so I decided to implement an application that adds two integers. But I got stuck in the choice of the library and its handling.

I would just like to know how to implement this function x+y=z. Because I know that if I understand how to do it, it will be easy for me to do subtraction, multiplication and division as well as other functions too.

And I would also like to know how to proceed to learn how to use the Openui5 library.

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