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How to bring company's website into a EP

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Hi gurus,

We already have a company website, which was developed in .net, how can we link that website into our new EP implementation? how to config it so it can support multi-language for the old website?



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Hello Peter,

From a content point of view : you should easily integrate your .net intranet with EP using a simple URL iview.

From an authentication point: you need to decide wether you want to keep portal logon as it is by default or setup an authentication scheme to include authentication with your MS ADS or any other authentication mechanism in place in your company.

Note : if users are authenticated in your .net website from their ms-ads logon then it will remain the same and no further configuration is needed unless you want the portal authentification to get integrated with MS-ads logon.

From a multi-language prospective then it all depends on your .net website capabilities. Unfortunately no portal will translate it for you

As an example : if your .net website is multi-language enabled and if by any chance language is transmitted in its URL, then you can customize your url iview to pass this language parameter based on user profile (or any other method).

Hope it helps,


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Thank you, Frank.