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How to Bind new OData service assigned to Adobe form with Adobe Livecycle designer ?


Hi All,

We are printing Invoices using Adobe forms. Some changes were required in the form hence we made some changes in the OData service assigned to the form but unfortunately the service got corrupted and then afterwards we created a copy of the service from Production with some different name in Dev. We have assigned New Service in the form. Service and classes are active and form is also getting printed. But data is not coming in the form.

Can you please help here what is missing.

We have done below Analysis

i) Binding we have checked the name is same $.EntityName.Fielname.

ii) We have also downloaded and uploaded .XDP file. Have checked the Callback class, there also our service is getting called.

iii) One more thing in the class we can see all the data the only thing is it is not getting transferred to the form.

Your help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

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8000 char is a too long string and if you try to break down to 132 chars each there will be around 60 columns for you to store data in.

If you are OK with having 60 columns then you can have a check in each column on length and use substring function to populate that.

Column 1 - ifthenelse(length(source_column) > 132, SUBSTR(source_column,1,132), SUBSTR(source_column, 1, length(source_column)) )

Column 2 - ifthenelse(length(source_column) > 132*2, SUBSTR(source_column,132+1,132*2), SUBSTR(source_column, 132+1, length(source_column)) )

Column 3 - ifthenelse(length(source_column) > 132*3, SUBSTR(source_column,132*2 + 1,132*3), SUBSTR(source_column, (132*2)+1, length(source_column)) )

....and so on.

Alternatively you might want to have a look at Pivot Transform for your task.

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Hey Shubham,

Thanks a lot for the solution. It did help me.

Request you to look into extension to this scenario in my reply to Dirk (above).

Please share your inputs whatever you can suggest. It'll be really appreciable.



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Suggestions given by Dirk above are just perfect.