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How to bebug Code in NWDS

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I have MAM2.5 Code with me.

How can i debug the code ?

How do i debug JSP ?

I have never debug a java application and have also not worked on the Eclipse platform .

I have a .Net Background.

Could anyone please guide me for the same ?


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Answers (2)

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hello vipin,

NWDS is based on eclipse 2.1 and this IDE comes with tutorials

on how to create your first java project etc... Debugging

a Java project doesn't differ that much with the .Net studio.

the same concepts like setting the breakpoint, executing

in debug mode and so on also applies. NWDS has plugins

which support JSP debugging also. you can set breakpoints

on your JSP codes which are then translated and compiled.

>I have never debug a java application and have also not

>worked on the Eclipse platform .

i would suggest you to skim thru the help docs and get

acquainted with the tool. try creating a simple java project

and try debugging it. debugging mobile application requires

a little bit more knowledge on the MI client apis as well.

thus better have a look on the MDK and MI client Javadocs.

here's a link on where to look at when learning SAP MI.



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You can get a step by step bebugging process . please follow the link



award points if u find it helpful

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Hi Sid,

I tried opening the link u have suggested.

But, the link is not working .

is this link working at your end ?

Could you plesae tell any other link ?

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Hi vipin

Pls try this

I am sorry I missed .htm at the end in the last link i gave u. This one works