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How to avoid 'too many parameters' syntax error in WSDL2JAVA?

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Hi Web Services Experts,

We are trying to convert from using JCo to Webservices to consume SAP BAPI's via a Java environment and have the following problem.

The WSDL's generated from some standard SAP BAPI's cause the Java syntax in the generated Web Service Client in Java: " too many parameters, parameter <xyz> is exceeding the limit of 255 words eligible for method".

Many standard BAPI's and our wrappers around them have table parameters with wide structures in terms of number of fields. The generated Java code tries to create classes to respresent these structures, whose constructors end up violating this Java ceiling.

The Apache folks have logged an Axis bug (#2442) 3+ years ago, but there seems to be no interest in solving this limitation. (

Does anyone have generalized solution for this issue on either the Java or ABAP side? (Of course, we can try to slim down the offending structures, but this limits what the BAPI can do and may require extensive business knowledge for each structure).

Thanks, Ed

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This is a limitation of Apache-Axis-1.x;

Using Axis-2 solves this problem.