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How to automatically import an excel file from a shared path to BODS, when the job starts?

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My requirement is to use excel file as my source file in BODS but the source file will be every time placed in a shared path in windows by the user.

I have to run the job every time so that the file placed in shared path will be automatically imported by the job and the file will become my source and all the data present in the file should be pushed to target.

Please help whether the above scenario will be possible or not and if possible, please suggest a process to do so.

Thank you 🙂

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Is BODS Data Services, Design Studio, or another product?

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I am using SAP data service designer

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Hi ,

You can use substitution parameters and define the shared drive path in the substitution parameter, and use the substitution parameter variable wherever needed, so that you can pick the file from shared drive.