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How to automate deletion of requests for this scenario?

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Hi Experts,

Please advice me on following:

<b>Current Scenario:</b> At present full load for cube A is happening which is bringing data for previouscurrentfuture periods also.

<b>Required :</b> We need to restrict data loading daily as number of records hve become huge.

So approach is fixed previous periods data i.e

1)Load previous periods data.Do not load daily previous periods.

2)Load current period daily with delete overlapping requests.

3)Load future periods and delete those requests daily to avoid duplicacy of data.

Now deletion of current period can be taken care with setting in infopackage, but What about future periods setting? <b>How to delete those requests which are bringing data for future periods.?</b>

We need to automate this fully without manual intervention for future.

Thanks in advance,

Sorabh Arora

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Answers (2)

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Hi Sorabh,

Why cant you use same option "Delete overlaping request" for future data aswell..??

I think you are loading data based on selection only....

To ensure that the data that is going to be loaded with an InfoPackage is available only once in an InfoCube,

you can delete from the InfoCube any existing requests that have partially overlapping or similar selection

conditions and relevant deletion selections.

After loading new data into the InfoCube, the InfoCube contents are checked using the selection conditions for

an InfoSource/DataSource/source system combination,

to see if overlapping data has been loaded into the InfoCube. The data that has been loaded into the

InfoCube is not analyzed rather the selection conditions for the InfoObjects that you determined

in the Scheduler are compared.

With this function the dataset in BW is reduced to

the size necessary for analysis, and redundancies are


Hope it Helps


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Thanks Srini and Lilly for replying.

Srini: My selection would change after each month end..(using OLAP variable ..selection would be currrent period +1).

Will setting for "overlapping" work for this i.e. delete previous req for future data?

I think req are deleted if selections are partial overlapping, but may not sure wht does tht mean exactly..

even after reading help file over this

Can you explain a lil bit abt this..

Thanks in advance


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For complicated requirement of deleting requests like your case, it is possible to implement ABAP logic.