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How to associate servers with the SLD?

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When trying to connect JCO's, I get "There are no message (or application) servers maintained in the associated SLD. Please contact your system administrator."

How do I get these servers to be maintained in the associated SLD?

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Hello Adam

SLD (System Landscape Directory) holds information of all the systems (which can be ABAP AS / Java AS / XI or Third party). So, first you should verify in the SLD, the mention of system that you ll be using.

And if your system has not been creating, please go through this link , I m assuming that you want to create ABAP AS system.<a href="">Creating ABAP Technical System</a>

JCo(Java connector) is a middleware component that enables the development of SAP-compatible components and applications in Java. SAP JCo supports communication with the SAP Server in both directions: inbound calls (Java calls ABAP) and outbound calls (ABAP calls Java).

SAP JCo can be implemented with Desktop applications and with Web server applications. (please go through this link for better understanding )

<a href="">Jco</a>

I hope this ll help you.



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See this Thread

Kind Regards


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Someone in a thread that you referenced said:

"To get the JCO destination in the content admin tool got "host:port/webdynpro/welcome/Welcome.jsp" configure your JCO msg & app server then you can these in the dropdown."

Where exactly are they talking about? Here? (See Screenshot)

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I have also tried to follow the instructions in this blog:


but I get an RFC error: (see screenshot)