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How to apply support packages ?

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Can i know how to apply support packages and what are the corners i have to take care before applying the patches?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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There are some prerequisites you should take take befor applying support packages.

Check you have enough space in EPS/IN dierctory

Spam saint should be latest

patches should be applied in the sequence of



3)Application and


Down load the file from then uncar it command prompt using sapcar-xvf <file name>

Use SPAM t-code choose load from application server/front end(for front end consider network time)

caliculte/define the queue and import the selected queue

Confirm the queue

Please gothrough composite note/related note before applying the patches.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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support packages are applied when you need enhance the existingfunctionality .

so there will be datadictonary changes and also there will be repository changes.

so you need to sit with developer to decide the pro&corns of applying support packages.

you can apply SP using 000 clint and DDIC like user, but before applying check corresponing notes and take all precation measure coz once you apply there is not revert back

so take full backup and apply.


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I having one doubt about Supprt Packages.

When we should apply support packages, when business needs to apply or when SAP released a new support package in that time.



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When business requirement we need to apply the support pack.Before going to apply the patch we need to take <b>database backup</b>.

i hope it will help you.

kiran kumar.v

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applying support pack..

1. download the corresponding "XXX.CAR' file to '\usr\sap\trans\' directory

2. before un-caring that file, make sure that it is correct file.

3. copy 'sap-car.exe' file to this directory.

4. run this command at the prompt 'sapcar -xvf "" '

5. go to 'esr\in' directory and check tht files "xx.pat" and "" file created.

6.log on to the server using SAP log on pad.

7. with '000' client and execute "SPAM" "display/define' button. appropriate component and click 'ok'.

10. check the list of service packs available.

11. select that SP and say 'ok'.

12. selec 'truck icon' & it will start importing that service pack.

care to be taken..

1) its always gud to apply 1 SP at a time.

2) before importing the a SP, check the requirement set are met.

3)and follow the order.. BASIS,APPL..

hope this info helps you.

with regards,


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