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how to apply java support packs

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hi friends

1.can any body tell me how to apply java support packs

2. and how to check existing level of java support packs

thanks in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hello Akhil

for applying support packs for NW 2004 & NW 2004s


1: download all the necessary files as stated above in forums

2: then go to follwoing path


initiate this thru cmd or terminal or double click it. sapinst will open up.

3: browse the .SDA files and initiate the process

NW 2004s

1: download all the necessary files as stated above in forums

2: then goto


initiate this thru cmd or terminal or double click it. sapinst will open up.

3: browse the.SDA files and initiate the process

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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Akhil,

Goto command prompt

First goto to the directory having the SDM executables.

Do <b>StopServer.bat</b>

Then, to remove the link between the SDM and the Java Control Framework execute the following command in the command line:

<b>sdm jstartup "mode=standalone" for Windows</b>

<b> jstartup mode=standalone for UNIX.</b>

This is done to maintain the consistency of the system.

Then start the server again using <b>StartServer.bat</b>

Now click on <b>remoteGui.bat</b> and the gui starts. Add the file that needs to be deployed and choose the appropriate options by clicking on the arrows at the right bottom of the screen to open the options sub screen.

You may upgrade the patch or degrade the patch according to the requirement. All the required options will show up in the sub-screen.

Once it is done, goto command prompt and integrate the server with j2ee engine.

Control + C to stop the batch job and do

<b>sdm jstartup "mode=integrated".</b>

Then start the server using <b>StartServer.bat</b>

Hope this helps you.


Raghu Chukkapalli.

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Hello Akhil,

If u r with NW 2004 u can apply JAVA Support Package using SDM else if u r with NW 2004s you can apply Support Package with JSPM.

<b><u>For NW 2004s:</u></b>

While downloading Suport Package u should also download the list of these files and store it in xml format which u should place in EPS\in folder along with all the support packages which you want to apply. Also ensure that while applying patches no one should use SDM and it will not be available to anyone for deployment.

U can check the existing pactch level from sdm or using the following link <a href="http://hostname:portnumber/sap/monitoring/SystemInfo">http://hostname:portnumber/sap/monitoring/SystemInfo</a>

Also refer the following note : 891983



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Java Support packs can be installed without using SDM also if you are on NW2004.


Eg SP18

Download the following DVDs

1. WebAS 6.40 SP18(Part 1/4): SAP Installer

2. WebAS 6.40 SP18(Part 2/4): SAPInst Control File for Oracl

3. WebAS 6.40 SP18(Part 3/4): OS Depend. parts of Java RuntiA

4. WebAS 6.40 SP18(Part 4/4): OS Indep. Parts of Java Runtime

Uncar each of them in the sequence


Once u uncr then u will get some more uncarred files

eg D:\sapinst\J2EE-RUNT-CD\SCS\NT\I386\SCS.SAR uncar it into run directory : DIR_CT_RUN ( D:\usr\sap\SRX\SYS\exe\runU)

Note: The value of DIR_CT_RUN can be found In Profile SRX_SCS01_B3BPH1W)


Note:Give RFC user as 000 DDIC

Also, you can find the current SP Level in http://localhost:5<instance numeber>00 and then system information.

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Hello Bidwan ,

Really nice description of task !

Keep it up !

Regards ,