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How to address individual cell editor in CL_WD_TABLE

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I try to dynamically change the cell editor of a Web Dynpro table . Depending on a certain logic, individual cells in different rows should be of type input_field or text_view or have different colors etc.

I found the concept of binding a cell_variant to a single cell via an additional field in the table that is source for the binding.

However, if I need to change say 10 different fields of a row individually, the overhead by adding 10 additional fields for the editor, 10 more fields for background color etc. seems to be large.

Is there a way of directly addressing a cell editors properties for an individual row for class CL_WD_TABLE ?

Something where I can loop across the source table e.g.

Loop at source_table into source_table_row.

* detemine cell properties for field field1 from individual logic

* Now go to the cell editor of the source_table_row-field1

* manipulate cell_editor properties


Thanks for any hint.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Yes, you need to create those many extra fields to work on different cell editors for different rows.

Before you work on this, check you can group some of the editors. In the sense,

If you have got 10 records, out of which 2 columns share same properties (Use only one extra field for this), other 2 columns with some other properties(Use only one extra field for this) this way group the columns that you want similar properties to be shown and create only those extra fields.

Working directly on cell editors at row level cannot be achieved by direct referencing as per your Loop construct.

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